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Perinton Youth Hockey

October 2012

Perinton: at Thomas Creek Arena
             October 8th, Columbus Day
             "Let's Skate" Clinics, Agility Skating
             Session #1, Ages 6 - 9,    1:00 - 2:25
             Session #2, Ages 10 - 14,  2:25 - 3:50

             Crossovers + Turning, Quickness + Speed,
             Agility both forwards + backwards,
             Carrying the Puck too. 


Perinton: at the Thomas Creek Arena
Nov. 12th, a School Holiday
             Stickhandling Clinics
             Session #1, Ages 6 - 9,   1:00 - 2:25
             Session #2, Ages 10 - 13, 2:25 - 3:50
            Become a PlayMaker!
            Creative Moves With the Puck,
            Deeking, Faking, Stickhandling to Shoot,
            Beating Your Opponent, Faking With
            Your Whole Body.
            Goalies Needed!


Perinton: at Thomas Creek 
Dec. 24th, a School Holiday
     Goalie Specific Clinic
     One Session for All Ages, 10:00 - 11:50 a.m.
     Ages 6 - 14
    Our Goalie Instructor will be Chris Moretter,
    Head Coach at Fairport High School. 
    6 Goalie Coaches on-ice total.
    One station for every 3 Goalies. 
     - Better Balance, Better Movement, Better Recovery,
    Game Situations, Skating, Quickness, Techniques, Poke Checks.
     -Chris is excellent!

Perinton: at the Thomas Creek Arena
Dec. 26th + 27th
     Shooting Clinics
     Session #1, Ages 6 - 9,   1:00 - 1:55
     Session #2, Ages 10 - 14, 1:55 - 2:50
     Goalies Needed and are free!
    We will teach the proper techniques of Shooting,
    each Shooter will Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Forehands,
    Backhands, Slap Shots for Older Skaters, Shooting
    On the go, shooting from a pass, Stickhandling to
    Shoot, Shooting quick and Accurate. 
    Every kind of Shot Possible.


Perinton: at the Thomas Creek Arena
     Jan. 21st, a School Holiday
     Aggressiveness Clinics
     Session #1, Ages 6-9,   1:00 - 2:25
     Session #2, Ages 10-14, 2:25 - 3:50
     Get After It!  Aggressiveness in the corners,
     Going After Loose Pucks, Along the Boards,
     in Front of the Net.  Taking a Hit to Make  Play.
     How to use Body Position for Aggressiveness.
     - Goalies Needed and are free!


Perinton: at Thomas Creek
Feb. 18th, a School Holiday
     Breakaways Clinics
     Session #1, Ages 6 - 9,   1:00 - 2:25
     Session #2, Ages 10 - 14,    2:25 - 3:50
     Breakaways From Every Angle, right, left, and
     center.  Out of the Corners, behind the net. 
     Learning how to read the Goalies!  
     Learning how to deke.
     - Goalies needed and are free!


Perinton: at Thomas Creek
March 22nd, a Friday, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
     Checking Clinic, Building Confidence
     For:  "To Be" Bantams and Older

    Will Teach your skater how to Receive and
    Give checks safely.  Body Positioning, Receiving
    Checks, Giving Checks, Angling the Puckcarrier,
    Taking a Hit to Make a Play.
     -Your skater will be put in like weight + ability groups.

Perinton: at Thomas Creek
March 23rd, a Saturday
     Young Skaters Clinic
     Ages 5 - 10,  9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
     All Levels Invited

     Starting, Stopping, Turning, Crossovers
     Strides, Forwards, Backwards, Pivoting
     Carrying the Puck
     Perfect for Young Skaters Trying to Learn
     We will teach the Proper Techniques
     - One Instructor on-ice for every 6 skaters


July 2013
Thomas Creek: at the Thomas Creek Ice Arena
              7/21 - 7/26, Summer Day Camp
              See Brochure under Summer Camps from 2012


Girls Hockey Camp at Perinton, Thomas Creek

  • August 13th - 17th


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